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FAQ we are answering the questions we receive the most often .

what are the ice facial  at home 

it allow you to reach the benefits of ice  facial at home 

you can use it on your face or body and you can use so many recipes to customise your own ice facial .







what is a crystals bottle ?
They are  water bottle that contain a crystal  inside ,the  base is detachable  and so does the crystal . the are very safe to drink ,  the component are   stainless steel and borrosilicate glass. The benefits for using a crystals bottle are different with  every crystal. For better use is it preferable to charge the crystals with  positive energy and good intend. 

What is my Eaulunaire bottle  made of ?the glass  bottle is made from high borosilicate the lid and base are stainless steel  and rust free the crystals stone are  very high quality every crystal are unique in shape and color..


Glass will it break ? if you intend to use your bottle with care they should not break  , it is a strong glass but sometimes we are clumsy and stuff happen please let us know we can offer you a replacement glass for a fees . 

How to clean my water bottle ?The glass is dishwasher safe but the lid and bottom must be hand wash with soap and water .

Why pay for a crystal water i can make my own ... A lot of people are asking this questions the answer is mostly that our crystal bottle are safe for consumption the crystal are safe to use in water , some crystal out there have amazing benefit but can be toxic when mix with water , also having a crystal bottle is unique and beautiful , the benefit is you wont be embarrassed to show off your bottle at work and everywhere trust us they are worth it. 

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