about us




Eaulunaire encapsulates the timeless connection between moon water and the ancient earth. Drawing inspiration from the moon's gentle pull on our oceans and the primordial relationship between water and the oldest terrains, our brand invites you to embrace this profound harmony.

Our products, free from fragrances and artificial additives, serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between these natural elements. Eaulunaire invites you to embark on a journey that harmonizes your inner rhythms with the moon's cycles, while grounding you in the wisdom of the earth.

Reawaken your senses to the enchantment where the moon's luminance and water's fluidity converge to illuminate your true essence.

celebrates the purity of nature's four fundamental elements – water, fire, air, and earth – through a collection of cosmetics crafted from natural ingredients and pigments. Our brand is a testament to the simplicity and essence of life's building blocks, offering products that bring you back to the basics and the core of existence.