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Do you ever wonder why the ocean makes you feel good?

It is like you have been refreshed, cleansed and replenished. Some even say they feel reborn.


Sand is nature's original crystal energy, just add the salt water of the sea and you are getting one mighty big crystal recharge every time your feet touch the sand or you run into the sea.

The ocean natural crystal energy, balances cleanses and recharges.

So imagine having that energy at hand, infusing your day to day life.


Eaulunaire means moon water  in french  it is pronouce (o lunair)

Each bottle represents a  dream a reality, freedom, courage

earth and water combine together, bringing both powerful crystal energy and healing.

As well as being environmentally friendly and plastic free each 500ml Eaulunaire crystal water bottle offers a different energy source. 

Simply fill it with fresh water and feel how your energy changes as your body is infused with each crystals unique healing magical properties.

Eaulunaire team xxx