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Terre Lip and Cheek tint stick (Brown)

Terre Lip and Cheek tint stick (Brown)

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We are introducing Terre Lip Balm – an ode to the nurturing embrace of the earth. This brown lip balm embodies our planet`s stability and grounding essence. With Terre, you`ll discover the beauty of nature`s touch, free from toxins, and enriched with clean ingredients that celebrate your lips` health and vitality.

Indulge in the natural richness of Terre Lip Balm, a formula that omits harmful elements like parabens and artificial fragrances. Our lip balm combines Mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter to provide soothing hydration and comfort to your lips. The warm brown hue evokes the earth`s embrace, enhancing your natural beauty while promoting a sense of stability.

How to Use Terre Lip Balm in your daily self-care routine. Apply a thin layer to your lips and relish in the grounding essence it provides. Feel the nurturing energy of the earth as you celebrate toxin-free beauty that resonates with your inner vitality. Choose a lip balm that echoes the stability and beauty of the natural world around us.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilla wax, Mango butter, vitamin E, natural pigment, zinc.

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